The Services that Make Care Convenient

Patient Services 

Patient Care Coordinator Assistance

We will begin servicing the patient as early as one year in advance... Yes, you read that right... One Year!

  CareVenience will begin assisting immediately after they schedule.  We will be the filter for frequently asked questions, reminder information, and we will provide an array of resources to each patient based on the service they are receiving from you.  We give your office more time to do what you're great at.  

Aftercare Hotline 

Carvenience offers clients access to a 24 hr hotline that can provide recovery advice, and answer recovery questions. 

Medical Concierge

The process of setting up surgery can be overwhelming.  Let Carevenience take care of it for you.  Everything from finding an expert surgeon, to booking a flight, to finding a place to recover, to setting up a relaxing massage .  

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